Opportunities for retail sales coupled with greater food and beverage choices are changing the complexion of today’s airports.  With time on their hands and cash in their pockets, travelers are expecting to be entertained and well fed while they wait for their flights.  Austin Kuester works with both large and small concessionaires to create a mall-like experience within the context of an airport concourse.  Whether it’s creating and refining brand identities, adding regional flavor or developing completely new concepts, Austin Kuester is a proven leader in the competitive field of airport design.

The designers at Austin Kuester develop ideas into concept sketches and refine these concepts into full blown presentations for airport approval.   We understand the unique issues in airport design, the competitive response to airport RFP’s, the impact of regional identity, the sophistication of today’s travelers, the importance of brand standards, the tight LOD’s,  graphics which can be seen from a distance, finishes which can withstand rolling luggage and it goes on and on.