For the university students, faculty and administrators, food service opportunities come in a variety of forms. Most universities have options from small coffee concepts to mid-size branded concepts as well as large residential dining facilities feeding hundreds of hungry students in rapid succession. Working with teams which include operations, national brands, university officials, and student representatives, Austin Kuester helps create the vision for the food and beverage facilities on campuses throughout the USA.

We are constantly striving to push the envelope of the student dining experience, providing more choices in healthier environments. Food service spaces are becoming more versatile, offering opportunities for technology, entertainment

and interaction. The days of walking down a cafeteria line with a tray in hand have been replaced with electronic ordering, soft seating groups, cook-to-order meals, fresh salad bars and flat screen TV’s. These dining facilities are frequently used by the University to showcase their athletic and educational achievements and are often used for events and special programs.

The designers at Austin Kuester are experts in food service design and we understand the logistics of keeping large numbers of 18 – 24 year olds happy, healthy and well-fed. We strive to design environmentally responsible environments which encourage healthy food choices and a shared dining experience.